Nicole Riziki

Confinement of individual’s state of mind encourages a conducive environment for human trafficking to bloom.  The individuals perpetrating the act are mentally confined to actions of making a better living with ease which might only be through trafficking individuals. They prey on members of the society who are susceptible to life’s hardships such as poverty and hunger. Through this they see a quick way to make an easy block.

It’s a power play between two parties with one side literally living off the others vulnerabilities and disadvantages. This may lead to a cycle nature of imposition of power from the oppressor to oppress then further from the oppressed to new oppressor if the former acquires power in the long run.

As such, I depict with my piece an individual with an abstract confine covering on the head. This represents the state of mental confinement and the different emotional expression brings forth the sense of different mind states between oppressors and oppressed