“Someone is willing to listen to me. Someone actually thinks that my opinion counts. My story is important.”

Human trafficking survivor

Art to End Slavery (A2ES) is a series of moving impact art exhibition that explores the multifaceted nature of human trafficking. In Telling their Stories, artists open up this dialogue by imagining and embodying the narrations of those trafficked.

Human trafficking is a commonplace, invisible and difficult to detect. It is often only a reported problem that passes as a casual gossip and in news bulletin without any action. The accounts are complex and varied: men, women and children are trafficked for military service, domestic service in ordinary homes, forced marriage, prostitution, or for ritual purposes. Such violations are outright denial of their future aspirations.

The artists featured in this exhibition use painting, photography, installation, film and video to show different perspectives and forms in which human trafficking takes place and how anyone, no matter the gender, color or age can be trafficked. While some artists use the imagery of the body to explore notions of commodification and displacement, others capture the emotional cost as experienced by those trafficked referring to what it means to exist between hope and fear. Moving away from the observable, here we find a deep reflection of human trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery. The artists depict how the narrative of slavery remains a constant and a present phenomenon putting in doubt the historical abolition of slavery.

This exhibition suggests the need to dismantle all forms of oppression, and offers a rare opportunity to conceive potential policy actions in solidarity with those undermined. It is an occasion to do more, to take us further, and to enable us to imagine and act in ways that lead to radical actions.

Exhibiting artists: Mekbib Tadesse Admasu, Mohammed Altoum, Rehema Baya, Lia Beharne, Marc Ellison, Nicholas Asao Gaitano, Samuel Githui, Mary Wangari Kinuthia, Leevans Linyerera, Onyis Martin, Kepha Mosoti, Christian Mafigiri Mugarura, Ngendo Mukii, Patrick Mukabi, Bwana Mkubwa, Gloria Muthoka, Grace Naitiemu Nyanjom, Michael Odhiambo, Brian Omolo, Magdi Adam Suliman, Lemek Tompoika, Nadia Wanjiru Wamunyu, and LightBox Africa.

The art is for sale, please contact info@haartkenya.org if you want to inquire about any art piece.