My name is SHEILA BAYLEY, and I a 28 year old Kenyan artist, born and raised in the diverse city of Nairobi. I specialize in contemporary visual art, usually acrylic paint and other mediums ona canvas. I describe my work as my aaurban art addiction, and the drug; my final pieces of expression. All art pieces are created to transform my triumphs and challenges as an African, into beauty, with several definitions.

I am light, I am sound, I am colors digested and shat out as profound. I am golden, I am black, I am blue. I am me, and I also have the power to be you. I choose to, live, breathe, paint and progress, my mind implosion: my ingenious mess. I am cunt, I am can, I am the paint, the canvas, the rock on which I stand, the ocean, as well as the sand. I am words; very few/ brush strokes; from blood red to sky blue. Imbue freedom, my existence, my nature, my queendom. Born to parade and exaggerate/ heart’s desire, and nudities true attire. Singing melodies with no tune, but my art brings rise to social sun and expressions moon. I say I am the ‘I’ in artist.