The main reason I take photographs is because I enjoy myself.

When I take my camera and start shooting, I do not always have the guarantee that I will have a good time. This depends on my mood, on what surrounds me, my openness, the persons next to me, the time of sleep I have had and, of course, the dose of inspiration active at that time.

At the beginning, during the first shots, I feel I must break the ice with what is happening and is around me. It is when the ice breaks that I start having fun. Sometimes it does not work and the ice just stays there, frozen and intact. When this happens, I give up without hesitating and when I feel I am enjoying, I keep on shooting and sometimes, interesting things come out.

Today, everyone is capable of taking pictures. The difficulty lies in conferring a personality to the images. I do not know I have succeeded or not, but I am positive I will never stop shooting and having fun.