The Arts To End Slavery exhibition launched on July 3rd in the Kobo Trust Foundation in Nairobi. Following last year’s success this year was no different as it was also a great event. It was fantastic to see such great numbers attending which is very helpful in disseminating information and awareness on the issue of human trafficking in Kenya and east Africa; the goal of HAART Kenya.

HAART Kenya is an organization based in Nairobi that creates awareness on human trafficking and also directly helps victims of human trafficking. As part of the awareness creation, HAART started the project – Arts to End Slavery; or as we like to call it A2ES. A2ES has been running for three years now 2015, 2016 and 2017. This project usually runs through two weeks July 3rd – July 14th.

The Kobo trust was a beautiful setting for such an event. As darkness started to fall people and people started to arrive they were guided through to the art gallery by large fires each side of the path which was rather fitting for the event. Food and drinks were also available to the attendees. The atmosphere was very positive and we hope that it has made a lasting effect on the people who were lucky enough to attend the event. There was lots of discussion on Human Trafficking and people were left fascinated and inspired by the art on display.

This year, our theme was power dynamics and the role it has in human trafficking. We had different artists submit artwork that focused on this theme. Art has always had the power to re-direct the public to and make them look at themselves and their ideologies critically. This is mainly the motivation to use arts as a means to create awareness. The artists use different media such as painting, photography, printmaking, drawing, video, digital art, and sculpture.

Through our partnership with KOBO trust, we were able to hold the art exhibition at their venue. This year we had a bit over a hundred guests who came and saw and bought the artwork. The proceeds from the sale of the art go directly to the assistance of the victims and the other half goes to the artists who submitted their art. At the exhibition, guests also got to listen to music and poems around the theme of human trafficking.

July is a good month for HAART to raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking as on July 30th we recognize the United Nations anti-trafficking day. On the weekend of the 30th we also organized an art exhibition which has art that addresses human trafficking and the different issues around it which was held in the National Archives in Nairobi. Similar to the A2ES exhibition the event was developed by a creative hub that incubates programs and empowers creative people that produce art for social impact known as PAWA 254.

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to each person who came over the course of each exhibition. By attending you have put your hand up and said you are with us against human trafficking. We commend you for this. For more information on HAART Kenya please contact us today on (0) 738 506 264 or e-mail on