Aggrey Agwata

Oil on canvas

KES 20,000

“Please Arm the Warrior! (Esiankiki the Warrior)” is an oil on canvas painting by Aggrey Agwata, depicting a Maasai girl, Esiankiki faced by the fate of choices made by society either to be married early or be schooled, the background features a series of silhouette images whereby at the top birth foresees the beginning of the cycle, on the right side, lack of school exposure, chores and home duties as the prevalent priority, early marriage, as decided by elders transforms a naive girl to an underage wife… The left side is a contrary whereby she goes to school and finally graduates to be a well-informed lady, knowledgeable mother and able task force. The central figure features a stage at which through the eyes of evident feminine beauty, youthful naivety and the social conditioned adherence to the societal expectations and set norms are viewed by young Esiankiki, if educated, she would have the capacity to make the right decisions for the next generation. Society arms her with knowledge, to make her a better warrior or a poorly prepared potential. It will take a generation of ignorance and pain to realize we are in a losing side, if all we do is tire our warriors, disarm them and deny them awareness of the vast technicalities of life; the war itself, disadvantage our best potential and hold fast to negative oppressive convictions. An educated mother is the best foundation of the family and society at large. Awareness is the first step towards civilization.

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