Onyis Martin is a Kenyan artist who creates diverse pieces using mixed media. He seeks to use his art to lead viewers into his own cultural world; a world where the sacred and the profane mingle; where worship and domestic life are one and the same. When walking into his paintings, he hopes to inspire others to look deep into their souls for awakened sensations and feelings that, when caught up as we are in an inhuman and artificial world, could be lost forever. Onyis has held exhibitions in Kenya and Denmark, and works with kids in Mathare and Kibera, Nairobi slums, teaching art and crafts. He sees this as a way to give back to the community and recently has been involved with children cancer patients, painting with them. Using paper collage and cloth, today, his subject matter consists of aspects of everyday life, a lot of which includes figurative paintings of the Kenyan disposition. As Martin explores different styles of art, his creations are both harmonious and disordered – all part of the growing pains of becoming an artist.

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