Leevans Linyerera

oil paint acrylic pass port cover on canvas, 120 x 180 cm

Ksh 90,000
This work centers on the human trafficking happening across Africa and Europe /Middle East. Some of the ‘slaves’ are tricked that they are going to get very good jobs abroad while others ran away from civil war or political oppression in their countries .In this piece i will show both sides of the human trafficking syndicate. Those who are promised good jobs, by agents in their mother country, are subjected to harsh conditions ones they get there. The ’employers ‘or we call the ‘masters’ seize all their documents including passports. This makes it impossible for them to escape. This happens in the Middle East where human rights violation is not an issue.

Then there those who have to flee for better living conditions where they sneak into Europe under very harsh conditions were thousands if not millions of people die yearly there smugglers who benefit heavily from this.