Magdi Adam Suliman is a Nairobi-based Sudanese artist who paints in vibrant colours and bold motifs, his work is dialogue between different cultures and represent his strong feelings that art must be used as a tool to help initiate this dialogue. His pieces richly awaken an appreciation for the differences between us, but also highlight the shared heritage of mankind. Suliman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine & Applied Art at the Sudan University for Science & Technology, Khartoum and has exhibited throughout the region, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya.
Moving away from his usual motifs and use of colour, Suliman depicts a scene that variably repeats in different parts of the world, women sold in the sex trade. His paintings are not simply representations of the light and the surfaces and the events of human experience, but a dynamic reinterpretation of those experiences.

“For me, art not only evokes memories and contemplation of the loss of home but it also encounters the present and shape the future. My work is the product of a rich heritage from my origins in Sudan, my training there and my recent diaspora experience.”