Lluís M. Plans was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, in 1950. Nevertheless, his artistic career started in southern Africa, where he lived from 1981 to 1993. These years deeply influenced his style and, even today, one can still observe this influence in the colors and the style that he uses in his paintings. In 1994 he returned to his homeland to dedicate his time exclusively to his art. He currently lives and works in La Garrotxa (Girona).

Throughout the years, he has developed a series of artistic techniques which have led him to expose his art both individually and collectively. His passion to create a powerful ambiance during his exhibitions have led him to exhibit in random locations such as churches, hotels or design restaurants as well as the traditional galleries and private exhibitions.

His painting, with his very distinctive style and colours, led him to receive a special recognition in 1987, the Art Prize assigned by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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