Lia Beharne is an Eritrean artist who works in different mediums including paintings print making, drawings and installation. Her work is inspired by culture, places and migration. Beharne has participated in several art and photography workshops in Kuona trust, center for visual art. She has worked from a studio based at Nairobi Railways Museum and has participated in some group shows including; The Affordable Art Show (The National Museum, 2014/2015), Kenya Art Fair 2014), Kenya arts diary (2015), Pledge for parity (Alliance Francaise, 2016) and Borrowing from the past (Fort Jesus museum, 2016).
In the series ”WHITE TEARS AND FAINTED HEART,” she depicts a painful real life experience. In 2013, a large boat capsized in Lampedusa that killing 360 people. Mostly of them were her close friends and family members.
She uses bottles to represent the fragility of life and the agony she felt at that time. She imagines the pain and suffering of political and religious refugees as well as victims of human trafficking. The collection of bottles is personal to her for she lost people who were very close to her in the incident and she felt that all those victims and the voiceless refugees needed a voice. She is disheartened that is happening at this time and age.