Abdul Kipruto

woodcut print, 55 by 65cm

Price: $ 280

This series, Human Rascality is the artist’s response to human trafficking highlighting the factors that facilitate human trafficking.

Reaping close to over 150 Billion US dollars and victimizing close to 27 million people, human trafficking is the fastest growing illicit industry in the world. This work explores two factors that facilitate human trafficking i.e. age, gender and debt bondage. Human Rascality is that element of humanity that pushes people to engage in grievous acts such as selling children.

Children form 26% of the trafficking victims in forced labor. Elements like social instability, lawlessness and military conflict put children in the category of vulnerable population where they can easily be picked by traffickers. This is what happens in the North of Africa where refugees are captured and sold in open markets in Libya

Debt bondage is another way in which humans can be coerced or forced to work against their will. It is challenging to identify victims because victims are well hidden or highly traumatized. Those that are traumatized are unlikely to divulge information to investigators, either because they are scared to confront law enforcement, or because they are too troubled to respond