Maryanne Nguyo

Dress with chained past dress

KES 15,000

Freedom from brutal enslavement to dignity. My name is mother of all. I represent the cry of every loving mother. Today, every day, I cry for the freedom of all my children both young and old. With tears flowing down my face I feel their pain, their anguish as they toil in brutality. Their hearts melting in fear and despair. Their hearts still beat as mine. They are flesh and blood just like their oppressors. We are all flesh and blood. So why do we allow these to be mistreated? Hear now you oppressors, the time has come, for all my children to be released. Set free to live in the freedom God has destined for them. Their time has come. Arise my children, arise, a new day has come! Can you hear it? Can you not see it? There is a voice crying out for your freedom. And that voice will not relent till you can live, work, and know freedom and your dignity restored. The chains are breaking, your dreams are coming true… You matter my child, this fight is for you.

40 (Custom)