Ashif Malamba

Paint on canvas

KES 60,000 (sold)

The painting depicts trafficking basically child trafficking. Some children may be kidnapped for sex or to be trained as child soldiers. I try to show destinations where exactly the whole exercise is notorious. All in all it is a campaign whereby we say ‘NO’ to child trafficking.

Sadly, Ashif passed away late May 2015, the painting was sold and the money will be donated to the family. Ashif from Maasai Mbili was one of the first artists to volunteer and deliver his work for the project. Ashif was a respected Kenyan artist and undoubtedly one of the pioneers of art in Kibera and his death has robbed the art world and Kenya of a great talent. HAART would like to send our condolences to the family and Maasai Mbili.

14 (Custom)