The Art is for Sale!

The Art is for Sale!

If you want to buy one or more art piece, please contact HAART. A buyer may want to buy a piece, but it can only be collected once the exhibitions are over (latest 31st July 2015). To reserve a piece, a deposit of 50% has to be paid to HAART at which point there will be issued a receipt. After the exhibitions, the buyer will be contacted to finalize the sale.

Most of the art pieces can be shipped at the cost of the buyer.

Please contact

Unless otherwise stated, all the proceeds from selling the art pieces and any donations in connection to this project, will go towards establishing a safe house for victims of trafficking in Nairobi and further awareness projects.



Nicholas Thuita

Photography on foam

KES 45,000 (A2)

KES 25,000 (A3)

We need to be the guardians of our own, our brothers keepers. Let not money deflower our girls.

46 (Custom)

“Suitcase Commodity”

“Suitcase Commodity”

Wamboi Kamiru

Briefcase installation

KES 52,000

There are over 27 million slaves in the world today and the average sage of a girl being trafficked is 12-14 years of age. The average global price for another human being is $90 (KES 8,100).

A human life is worth KES 8,100. Cash on delivery (C.O.D). Selling children is about the commodification of the lives of the lives of children. The dolls wear innocent happy faces, a contrast against the hard chains and padlocks that bind them. These young girls, represented by the dolls, are traded for work as domestic servants (house girls) to sex workers (prostitute).

Human trafficking is a business that generates about $32B annually, with about 13M children traded-nearly half of the total population of humans sold. Each doll is chained to the next to represent the interconnectedness of the human trafficking trade. The black briefcase usually carries wads of cash; in this case, these wads are interchangeable with the lives of many young girls.

IMG_2836 (Custom)

“Mind manipulation”

“Mind manipulation”

Mercy Nguyo

Graphical art on canvas

KES 9,000

Mind manipulation! I understand slavery starts in the mind. It’s a mind game, once you give in, you’re sold out to it. The hands represent people who try to manipulate people into the various forms of slavery. The illustration of the brain has got many colours that basically mean that before somebody is manipulated, they are innocent/happy/normal etc.

31 (Custom)

“Do not enter”

“Do not enter”

Sheila Bayley

Textured paint on leso material

KES 30,000 (sold)

I look at life as journey with no end; they are several obstacles, detours, stop signs, roads, and doors. The ways in which we approach this travel, works purely on human instinct and principle. Your principle may be based on spirituality, survival, may be based on pleasure, but whatever the case you have to make an informed decision to go forward: to survive. “DO NOT ENTER” used here does not at all mean, stop your journey, it means accept your human right, be informed about your worth and explore opportunities, that are available, and ones you must avail to yourself. I have projected both the visible and the invisible faces surrounding the topic, in Kenya. The story being told in this particular painting is a human society craving to step into change. The door symbolizes an entry into life’s journey. What is behind the door is always subject to question. In life’s path they shall always be many doors, we don’t have to go through all of them; our people need to know that sometimes you can crack opened a window, or just scream on top of the roof. It is a matter of promoting self-confidence, building awareness around self-worth, and establishing a sense of respect and social belonging. The colors used to outline the feeling of the painting are subtle, and simple.

5 (Custom)

“Sold Souls”

“Sold Souls”

Onyis Martin

Paint on paper, framed.

KES 26,000 (sold)

In the portrait of the boy’s face I explore the nonphysical parts of the kids trafficked, while they remain the same physically, they are never the same at the emotional level.

11 (Custom)