Brian Omolo Is a graphic artist born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He is inspired by personal experiences and a desire to work outside the conventions of computer graphics. Omolo works with the immaterial, fictional ideas that he attempts to put together to tell a story. He combines both hand drawn illustrations and bright color effects done on the computer. Omolo attained a HND diploma in computer graphics at Academy of Graphic Technology and proceeded to the Coventry University to study Graphic Art and Digital Illustration where he graduated in 2011.
Omolo has exhibited his work locally and international with two solo exhibitions, Viongozi and Typeface and Heroes showing in Kenya in 2013. Other exhibitions include: Free Range Exhibition (London), Kampala Biennale(Kampala), Reflections on paper, Shift Eye Gallery (Nairobi), Kenya Art Fair(Nairobi) Kenya.
The Barclays L’Atelier Exhibition, Nairobi Museum (Nairobi) and In the coming year, The Art Space (Nairobi).

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