Naitiemu Nyanjom

Acrylics on canvas, 80 x 100 cm

Ksh, 50,000

The paintings depict the corruption that facilitates human trafficking. Government officials in the immigration department are constantly being bribed by other ‘big’ persons to help them facilitate the illegal trafficking of other ‘small’ persons, for their own personal gain. This has been the case especially in the trafficking of people to the Middle East countries. They are promised good jobs but end up being exploited as underpaid house helps, prostitutes and handymen without anybody to help them thereafter. The paintings clearly depict that the government officials could be of any gender, but remain unrecognizable face wise because they intend to keep the activities a secret. They get bribed by other ‘faceless’ ‘big’ people to emphasize on how private and confidential these activities take place. The trafficked individuals have no say in the whole process hence remain boxed as they are eventually led to their demise. With these work, I aim to bring to light these illegal activities in order to curb human trafficking especially in Africa.