The Arts to End Slavery- train has continued its journey! We had our second and third build up events for the A2ES in the Technical University of Kenya and at the Light Academy in Karen.

We were invited to participate at the Technical University for their second annual clubs and associations exhibition on the 23rd or June where different institutions and companies were invited to tell the participants about their activities for the whole day. The A2ES team was there with our fliers, our cool T-shirts and “a cage” for selfies. We used the time to share information on human trafficking and told the students how they could get involved in the fight against this crime. We also advertised our main event of this years A2ES, the art exhibition that launches at ShiftEye Gallery on the 30th or July (mark it to your calendars!). The students could also leave messages and signatures on our chalkboard, which ended up being a lovely piece of colorful messages. We closed shop at 4:00pm after our table was almost clear of the materials!

The second event was at a school called Light Academy in Karen where we spent two hours with some students on the 28th of June. We had boys from classes 9 and 10, most of them coming from their art classes. We had a short session with them on what human trafficking is and from the discussion we could quickly notice that they didn’t know much about the crime (examples were mainly seen and heard from TV). In this event we had decided to use #TheRedSandProject. The projects aim is to raise awareness about human trafficking by filling the cracks on the pavement with red sand for people to pay more attention to the vulnerable and easily victimized groups around them that often go unseen just as the cracks on the pavement. While the boys were filling the cracks and making some paintings with the sand, we discussed minorities in Kenya and how the victims of trafficking often come from these groups. The red sand was a great success do some of the boys even got so excited that they applied the sand on their faces and carried some sand home with them! We also had the selfie cage here and some selfies were taken to show to friends and family. The boys agreed to spread our message and keep in mind all that was learned.

Now the A2ES team will put all of its efforts on arranging the exhibition end of this month so that it will be a great success! See you all there!

When: 30th of July (The World Day against Trafficking inPersons) at 6pm

Where: Shifteye Gallery, Nairobi

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By Winnie Mutevu